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Meet our team!

We are so proud to be a neighbourhood restaurant.

Meet, George!
Hey Toronto! I'm George, your Executive Chef at Azarias Restaurant.  I've been a proud member serving the Kingsway area since early 2014.
After graduating Liaison College, George Brown & Humber College; my hopes with the menu are to respect tradition, but have fun with the transition to global cuisines coming together. 
Working at hotels, bistros, bakeries, airline catering and Michelin restaurants has provided me the ability to serve you, our guest, an enjoyable dining experience over the years. 
I thank you for choosing to dine with us and hope you visit often.
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Meet, sylvia!

Hey it’s Sylwia here, most of you know me since I’ve been a bartender at Azarias for 5 years now.

Azarias is a very special place to me and I am blessed to work here. As soon as you walk in you can feel the good vibes and the camaraderie of all the coworkers. We are all so unique yet come together and work as one to provide the best service and food to the people that walk through our doors.

During Covid, I put my entrepreneurial hat on and started growing my online medicinal mushroom business along with making healthy vegan meals for clients. 

Thank you to all the regulars that give us so much love, it would not be Azarias without you! 

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Bios coming soon...
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