Meet our team!

We are so proud to be a neighbourhood restaurant.

Meet, George!
Hey Toronto! I'm George, your Executive Chef at Azarias Restaurant.  I've been a proud member serving the Kingsway area since early 2014.
After graduating Liason College, George Brown & Humber College; my hope's with the menu are to respect tradition, but have fun with the transition to global cuisines coming together. 
Working at hotels, bistros, bakeries, airline catering and Michelin restaurants has provided me the ability to serve you, our guest, an enjoyable dining experience over the years. 
I thank you for choosing to dine with us and hope you visit often.
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Meet, Kayla!
Hey friends! I'm Kayla, your General Manager here at Azarias since December 2018, but have been an Azaria since day one!

I love being that smiley face when you come in the door, or that cheery voice you hear when making your reservation.

My background after University was travelling Canada and working for great hospitality establishments like Fairmont and Starbucks, and I am so happy that journey has lead me back home to Toronto and our amazing restaurant!


My favourite thing about Azarias has to be the food, the extensive wine list, but most importantly, our wonderful guests who make every evening a fun one!

Can't wait for you all to visit and I look forward to seeing you soon!

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Meet, Catherine!

Hi, I'm Catherine! But to my Azarias family I'm known as Frenchie!

I've been working here since the very beginning in May of 2013 and I absolutely love it!

The food, the ambiance, but mainly the people I get to see every day mean that even if I'm having a bad day, getting to work puts me in a good mood. Not many people can say that and I know that makes me one of the lucky ones in this world.

I'm also an Actress, Director and Producer pursuing my dream of one day making it to the big screen. If you haven't had the chance to yet, check out: "Azarias The Musical" on Youtube! It was one of my little gifts to Mark one Christmas and remains one of my favorite music videos I've produced!

Next time you come in, make sure to say hello! You'll often find me singing and dancing throughout the restaurant.

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Meet, Xena!

Hey guys, I’m Xena! Yes, like Xena the Warrior Princess. 


I have been with Azarias since January 2019, and can honestly say they have quickly become my second family. I can't wait to come back to work to see so many familiar faces. Not only to see the staff but all of our amazing regulars who make working here a treat! 


During COVID I kept myself busy by going on walks down by the water, binge watching Netflix, and indulging in my favourite beverage, Titos.  I’m currently in my fourth year for Marketing at Humber College with a dream to travel and work for the business side of a cosmetic company. 



Hope to see you all very soon at Azarias! Make sure to order the brussels sprouts, they won’t disappoint!

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Meet, Caroline!

Hi! I’m Caroline and I’ve been working at Azarias since September 2018 (I am currently on a sabbatical for school but I will be back!). I’ve fallen in love with our staff, our regulars and most importantly, our food. Seared scallops anyone?


I’m entering my first year in my master’s in Genetic Counselling. Luckily Azarias has enough beer to get me through it. 


I’m so happy to be back and I can’t wait to see all of my favourite faces. Ive missed the laughs, the friendships and all of the shenanigans. 

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Meet, Jaclyn!

Hi I’m Jaclyn and I’ve been working with the incredible team at Azarias since March 2018. Coming from the hectic “pub/bar” life for nearly 10 years and working nights until 3:30am, Azarias has brought me back to a healthier lifestyle and sleeping schedule.

Since the day I started, I knew I found a really special place to work. Azarias really lucked out with a fantastic neighbourhood and a really great clientele. I love coming into work and catching up with the loyal customer base we have and love that they’re always so interested and caring about what’s going on in my life too.

Over the last year my fiance and I started brewing beer in our rental home basement in Etobicoke. We now own Turkey Shoot Brewing Co. and will soon enough be moving back to my home town of Georgina On, where our brewery will be located. 

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Meet, Nicole!

Hi I'm Nicole and I've been working at Azaria's since September 2018.  I am currently in my third year at University of Toronto for political science and environmental management. Working at Azaria's has provided me with a opportunity to work while still having the flexibility to be able to be in school. 

I feel so lucky that we have been able to re open, especially because that means that I get to order our amazing food again! As well as being able to see all our customers and of course my co workers again is just another perk of being part of the wonderful Azaria's community.

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Meet, sylvia!

Hey it’s Sylwia here, most of you know me since I’ve been a bartender at Azarias for 5 years now.

Azarias is a very special place to me and I am blessed to work here. As soon as you walk in you can feel the good vibes and the camaraderie of all the coworkers. We are all so unique yet come together and work as one to provide the best service and food to the people that walk through our doors.

During Covid, I put my entrepreneurial hat on and started growing my online medicinal mushroom business along with making healthy vegan meals for clients. 

Thank you to all the regulars that give us so much love, it would not be Azarias without you! 

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Bios coming soon...
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